Pack Cleverly: Roll, Don't Fold

Being resourceful with limited space makes sense.  However, you’d be surprised the number of travellers I’ve met who, while on their knees, squeeze – with all their vital force – every possible item they own into their respective piece of luggage.  Not only does scrunching ruin clothes, it doesn’t capitalise on every square inch of space within a backpack, rug sack or suitcase.  If you wish to carry the proverbial kitchen sink with you while trotting around the globe, then adopting a few simple techniques will save you a headache when it comes to living from day to day out of your select piece of luggage.


Roll Clothing

Although no specific research exists to support my claim regarding the superiority of this technique, I can personally attest to its benefit.  I’ve tried many techniques over the last fifteen years, and rolling is the only way I maintain a certain level of organisation within my backpack.  I have also always managed to fit more items in when I’ve rolled compared to folding or simply squashing everything in.  It’s engineering.  


Keep Each Item Together with Either a Rubber Band or a Zip Tie

Bulkier items tend to unroll unless they’re well supported.  When you need the item on the bottom, it’s easier to extract without disturbing the entire pile if everything has been banded individually.  Zip ties are preferential, as rubber bands can leave marks on clothing. 


Stack Similar Items Together

T-shirts can be placed in a pile with other shirts – on the left, for example - while shorts and trousers can be piled together on the right.  After a week, it becomes habitual to look in one place for a certain item of clothing, if your luggage has been arranged methodically. 


Place less frequently used rolled items under frequently used ones

Before long, you’ll know which items of clothing you packed are requisite, and which others were superfluous.


Contain groups of clothing (like shirts) in your choice of container (considered excessive by some)

Although I’ve only recently started doing this, I wish I’d started years ago.  I don’t use a large packing cell, but rather plastic bags for small odd items.  By keeping my excessive pairs of underwear together with my socks in a bag of their own, I never have trouble locating a pair when dreary eyed in the morning.  Some travellers swear by this technique; they employ it for all their clothing.   To be honest, their bags look great.   

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