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Born and raised in rural Australia, I've spent most of my adult life living abroad and travelling the world.  I now wish to share moments I've captured with you.  

Born and raised in a rural town in Queensland Australia, I spent my latter childhood and entire adolescence fervently planning the peripatetic (nomadic) lifestyle I yearned to live.  While at high school, I worked in a menial job and saved every cent in the desperate hope that my modest lump sum would catapult me across ocean, mountains and Central Asian cities to the shores of the European continent.  I yearned to ride through London’s streets on double-decker buses, call Australia from iconic red phone booths, dine on continental delicacies and cast my eyes over antediluvian designs.  On a sunny autumn day in 2003, five months after turning 18, I left Australia on a 747 and started my new life in Europe.      
After temporarily making England home, I spread my travel wings.  My passion for travel expanded as new cultures, languages, landscapes, and people crossed my path.  The incessant desire to continue exploration propelled me, initially through Western Europe, and eventually to the breadth and width of six of the Earth's seven continents.  Between 2003 and 2014, I travelled to 70 countries, and lived in the United Kingdom as well as Italy.  Intermittently returning to Australia - occasionally for work - I began to realise that my sense of belonging came from within; no permanent address could fill me with the sense of unequivocal satisfaction I consistently derived from travel.      
Despite various careers, including English Teaching and Nursing, I have learned that the best job one can have in this life, is travel.  It's educational, fascinating, personally rewarding, and through provoking: it obligates us to consider the impact we have on the world in which we live.         
I implore you to, at least once in your life, be liberated by means of a travel adventure.  The sense of exhilaration you'll derive will be unmatched.      
I intend to continue travelling, either continually - if finances permit - or at least intermittently, every year, until my body decides otherwise.  I wish to share the experiences I have, with you, in an attempt to inspire you to do the same.  I express these experiences through writing and I capture moments in time with photography.  As such, I hope you enjoy working your way through my website, and either feel compelled to travel or perhaps live vicariously through these musings.  Please feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions, ideas and constructive criticism.       
There is only one Earth. Take time to enjoy what it has to offer.